Mme Odile Sion
Phone +32 477 56 44 76

F-1 Fjord

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A scandinavian atmosphere for this holiday home, strolls by the shore, seascapes with striped deckchairs.

The flat is located on the entresol level of the building (1 meter below street level). Despite its restraint size, the materials used, makes it a convenient place to live. The floors are still the authentic very charming mosaic floors. A double glass windows isolates well from the cold and street-noises.

Designed as a mini-loft for a single professional, this flat contains a sofa/single bed, convertible into a double bed. The large bench has 3 functions ; office desk, dining-corner and kitchen. It leaves a maximum of available floor space. The separate bathroom is new and consists of a well-sized shower, hand-wash basin and toilet. In the built-in closet and annex storage room, there is plenty of space for personal items.

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