Mme Odile Sion
Phone +32 477 56 44 76

P-1 Petale

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An armful of flowers, a patchwork with fresh colours : your interior exudes the great outdoors. Thanks to the choice of flashy colours, you will soon forget the flat is located on the entresol level of the building (1 meter below street level).

The flat consists of 3 communicating rooms. The first room at the street side is the spacious kitchen with living area. The kitchen is brand new and very cosy for taking meals. It is also very convenient for work on the computer on the big table and comfortable chairs.

The TV is settled down in the second room where white leather sofa's invite you for a relaxing evening after a long day at work.

The bedroom consists of a double bed and is adjacent to the spacious bethroom with bath and shower. There is also a separate toilet.

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