Mme Odile Sion
Phone +32 477 56 44 76

F-2 Pharaos

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With its modern colours, direct access from the street and lots of built-in closets and storage facilities, this apartment is perfect for extended stays for 1 or 2 people.

It has a convenient direct access to the street "Rue Du Tintoret" and an access in the house in the entresol level with quick access to the common laundry facility. Thanks to it's cupola's, there is a lot of incoming light. All cupola's can be opened, providing fresh air in each room.

The floors are in high-qualitative tiles, the main living-room consists of a well equipped, new kitchen. The living-room consists of a comfortable leather sofa-corner with TV. A desk is installed near the internet connection and there is plenty of space for books and CD/DVD's. This very bright flat (there are 3 cupola's) is fresh in the summer and comfortable, cosy and warm in winter-time.

Thanks to a glass-wall there is incoming day-light in the bedroom. Besides a bed of 140 x 200 cm, there are a lot of built-in closets. The bathroom is well-sized and practical. There is a bath with shower, a wash-hand basin and a separate toilet.

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