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Nestor V. from Maturin, Venezuela
I required a fully equipped apartment for my first month's stay in Brussels, after having been appointed by the EC. The flat corresponded perfectly to my needs. I would've stayed longer, but the flat was already re-rented, so had to find a place elsewhere.
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Mircea M. from Vaslui, Romania
Dear Mrs Odile Sion Thank you very much for the appartment, it was a good and comfortable location for us.
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Phil from Tavistock, UK
I have enjoyed my stay. Nevertheless, of the three flats I stayed in, P-5 was definitely my favourite. Thank you for your patience with my fussy nature, and all the best for the future.
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Jan Pieter Salomé from Alora, Spain
I had already rented a flat from Odile before, so I knew it would be good. The flat was cosy, well equipped, warm and quiet. Lately I prefer to be self catering and have the possibility to wash my clothes. Would recommend to anyone that needs a temporary place to stay in Brussels.
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Matthias V. from Bremen, Germany
I required a place to stay during a 2-week internship. Found a nice flat in quiet, safe location very near to public transport, local shops and supermarket. Good experience !
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Ben from Colchester, UK
Brilliant accommodation for the short-term and long-term requirements. Odile was fantastic and very helpful and available when needed, having said that there were no problems with the facilities there anyway! Good area to be in for transport connections and bars/restaurants. Will definitely stay again if I were to return to Brussels.
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Carlos from Oviedo, Spain
I come often to Brussels for short period missions, Odile is my reference for accommodation as per quality of service and warm treatment. The best thing I can say about the Residence is that I already came three times....there'll surely be a fourth one!
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Sarah from Berlin, Germany
I recommend the flat Flamenco! I stayed there for 6 months and it was very nice and cosy. The location and neighbourhood is quite and safe, but also central. The landlady helps fast and unproblematic, if anything is needed, and it is easy to contact her. I enjoyed my stay in the flat!
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Constanze B. from Brunswick, Germany
I stayed in the Fjord apartment for two months and enjoyed it very much. The flat is furnished very nicely, which makes you feel at home easily. Renting with this landlady is very pleasant because you don't need to worry about any bills other than the rent - everything is included. Laundry facilities, sheets and towels are provided and you don't need to waste any money on using an agency. It is easy to contact the landlady by phone or mail if any problems occur. The neighbourhood is very pleasant and safe (important in Brussels). Overall, a very recommendable place to stay!
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E. Laboukh from Meaux, France
Je suis resté 2 mois dans le flat F-5 Farouche. C'est un flat très agréable. Tous les services promis étaient présents. A recommander !
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Gabriel Alvarez from Brussels, Belgium
I only stayed for 1 month but the flat was very nice. At the end of the contract, when I had to leave the appartment earlier than agreed, we managed to find a good solution for both parties.
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Enrico Camilli from Bruxelles, Belgium
I was supposed to stay there for 4 months, it ended up to be more than 1 year! I really appreciated the un-bureaucratic terms of the contracts: you do not have to deal with contracts, bills, etc... and you can plan your expenses in advance. The apartment is very cosy, especially during the winter season, and fully furnished and equipped. The neighbourhood is wonderful (I still miss it sometimes!), close to the EU institutions, in a wonderful and very quiet residential area (but during the matches of the Spanish national team during the World Cup, you will understand why...!). The landlady is helpful and discret and you do not need to face the formalities (and problems sometimes) of agencies, intermediaries, etc... I would recommend it.
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Alessandra from London, UK
I highly recommend the Fulton Residence of Brussels-Flats, especially for those who work in the nearby EU institutions and want a practical, pleasant, stress-free solution for their accommodation, also with an excellent price-quality ratio. I initially booked 2 months in F-7 and then moved to F-8 with a longer lease... and I found everything so perfect for my needs, that I ended up staying 3 years! The flats are very well furnished, clean, convenient, and equipped with all necessities. And what a bliss not having to deal with utilities and internet contracts, bills, and the like!? In fact having a monthly 'package' also really helps in budgeting and planning your expenses. I particularly enjoyed the peace, quiet and cosy style of F-8, and of the block in general, and certainly the highlight is Odile: a model landlady, always helpful and timely, but also very discreet and a pleasure to deal with on any occasion. I will miss the Fulton Residence, many thanks Odile and best wishes to the next tenants! F-8 Fossil 3 years
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Gertjan D. from Den Haag, Netherlands
I've had a good time while staying in the flat. The landlady was always helpful in fixing problems. Due to my length I needed a different bed, which was arranged by her. The location was handy, because it is close to the institutions and to a bus to the airport. I liked the fact that you don't need to arrange things like electricity, tv and internet by yourself. One tip would be to increase the speed of internet at some point in time.
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Adam Spencer from London, UK
I stayed in Safari for 5 months while working at the EC. Compared to the experience of some of my colleagues who had difficulty finding accommodation, Odile made everything very straightforward and unbureaucratic - quite an achievement in Brussels!
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Dean Coffield from Chelmsford, UK
I had previously had a 'bad' experience staying in a horrible overpriced apartment where the promised internet, laundry facilities did not exist. A friend referred me to Odile at 'Brussels-Flats' and i stayed in F-1 at Fulton for one month before i returned to UK. The difference between my first and second months stay was incredible. The apt at Fulton although small was very clean, well equipped and did indeed have ALL the extras promised including a great internet connection and laundry facilities. Odile was always available if there was any issue and I cannot recommend Odile or her accommodation more highly. If you rent from 'Brussels-Flats' you will get great service and great vfm - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
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Well equipped flats in the heart of Brussels

The Fulton and Patriotes Residences are located right in the middle of Brussels' European District (Schuman - Parc Cinquantenaire - Ambiorix). They are conveniently situated at walking distance of the Berlaymont building, a famous architectural masterpiece.